Spring 2017
Thursday, 30 March 2017 05:32

So I'm pretty busy.

I do try to keep up with things like websites, but time can be a tricky thing and priorities are ever shifting away from allocation of portions to the writer's cap.

But things are once again brewing and stewing away. There is some non-fiction work that is coming off the stove. That must be taken care of first, and it will be presently. The graduation must also occur. I do enjoy my classes; they also require my attention at this time.

Once all of that is out of the way, it will be time to focus on earnestly channelling the magic from Arcadia back into this world with all of my love and devotion. Maybe some short stories along way. When I get another one published in a literary journal, I'll be sure to let you know.

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News and Updates

Laughing I'm  ecstatic to announce that my short story "The Silence of Space" was accepted into the 20th anniversary edition of Somoma State University's Literary Magazine ZAUM! Laughing

For a link to order the magazine, click HERE.

I want to thank @ZaumPress for this great honor!!

With Love, Martha Smile


The Adventures of Marcy and Sara

The Magic Mole

New Alliances


Journey to the Palace of Ice

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News and Updates

The Adventures of Marcy and Sara

Now has a Facebook Page!

And some even better news...

Journey to the Palace of Ice is now

available on Kindle!

Here's a link:

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News and Updates


Today I have a poem for you. This is an old poem I wrote when I was first out of high school.

It is one that I've held in my memory ever since.

It helps that it's short.


My Mind

a poem by

Martha Kehr

When I close my eyes

all I see is darkness.

The colors gone,

the people gone,

the noises slightly muted.

It's calm

inside my head,

and happiness abides.

I'm in a world

of my own making.

My secret place to hide.

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