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The Magic Mole


The moment Marcy awakens from an intense dream she knows something has changed. Not only is there a strange feeling in the air, but a tiny black mark has mysteriously appeared on her left forearm. With the assistance of her best friend Sara, a day of scrutinizing investigation leads them to discover this little spot is really a magic portal. Now they can travel anywhere in this solar system, or beyond, at the speed of a wish.

After using the portal for adventures around this globe, they decide to put their dreams to the test and travel to a world they've imagined together hundreds of times, a magical realm ruled by elves, fairies, pixies, trolls and more. Amazing adventures ensue until the portal opens to reveal locations they didn't wish to go. Now they begin to realize this magic item may not have been an innocent gift after all.

Will they live long enough to find out what sinister motivations were behind the giving?


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New Alliances

Having barely escaped Morain's attempt to retrieve her Magic Mole from Marcy, the girls are back on Earth and forbidden to use the portal until Uncle Dave, or Davi as he's known to the elves, arrives in town. However, one week can be too long to wait when you're thirteen years old and in the possession of one of the most powerful magic objects in the multiverse. Only days go by before Marcy begs Sara to use the mole with her to have another adventure. Is it really Marcy wanting to break the rules or does the mole have an agenda of its own?


New forces are coming together. What heinous revenge does Morian have planned? Will she be able to convince the Dark Elf king to join her war against the high elves? What sinister talisman did she unearth to aid her evil designs?


Find out all of this and more when you read the second book in the trilogy of The Adventures of Marcy and Sara!


Paperback Edition



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Stranded light years from home, thirteen-year old girls Marcy Lynn and Sara Blue have no choice except to continue to search for the Staff of Aralon. For all they know their twin friends, Aeiin and Caeik, are already dead, however, since they've already risked everything to get this far, on they go.

Marcy, Sara, and their travel companions have arrived in Spring on the Isle of Season and have already arranged a meeting with the Queen of the faeries. If everything goes well, they could have the staff by the end of the day. The biggest question then will be how to get back to the palace of the high elves in time? And then, how will they get home to Earth?

A strange twist of fate has given them a glimpse in to Morian's plans. But what they don't know may very well kill them. Morian has magically created a duplicate of herself and it's currently on it way to intercept the questing party. One way or another, Morian plans to get both her mole and grimoire back, no matter who tried to stop her!







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