Martha Kehr

She is a very silly person- but mostly harmless.

She started writing short stories and poetry in high school and still enjoys writing them to this day. Eventually she moved onto longer stories, and that was the beginning of The Adventures of Marcy and Sara. The Magic Mole was completed originally in 2001 and then rewritten and first self-published through Createspace in 2008. New Alliances came out right after that in 2009. Journey to the Palace of Ice was finished and released in 2012.

Martha is currently a part-time student at The University of Kansas majoring in English with a minor in History, a full-time graduate program assistant also at KU, an as-much-as-she-can-be mother to her two beautiful daughters, an as-loving-as-she-can-be wife, a dreamer, an imagineer, a futurist, and an advocate for all the positive change she wants to manifest into this physical reality.

She plans to continue work on Book Four: The Unintended Apprentice after completing a series of academic pieces.

She thinks writing about herself in the third person is weird.

Contact: marthakehr(at)gmail(dot)com


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